Welcome to the Annual
Del-Ko-Brydge Canada Day Celebrations

Saturday July 1st, 2017

At The Delaware Community Centre - 2652 Gideon Drive, Delaware

A Cooperation by The People of The Villages of Delaware, Komoka, Mount Brydges and Area

The Del-Ko-Brydge Canada Day Celebrations Started in 1982 and are now in its 36th year

and greatly appreciates the funding contribution by Heritage Canada for the Province of Ontario
and The Municipalities of Middlesex Centre and Strathroy-Caradoc
Canada 150
This Year Canada Day Celebrates Canada 150

150th Anniversary of Canada's Confederation

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E  V  E  N  T  S     P  R  O  G  R  A  M

Please note: Mailed-out program shows "Friday July 1, 2017" in error!!
also an error in parade direction which shows Left on Young and should be Right on Young
The Fireworks will be at the Delaware Lions Park

Please be aware that Gideon Drive from Komoka Road to Delaware will be closed for the parade from 10:30 am.
Use Gideon Drive east to Carriage Road, Carriage Road south to Harris Road, Harris Road west to Delaware.

Parking will be limited around the Delaware Community Centre.
For special need some spaces will be assigned near the community centre.


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